Three generations of family (youth, adult and senior)CurrentCare is a free service that your doctors and specialists use to keep all of your health information in one secure place. Just like a bank. Your healthcare providers use it to see your health information, like prescriptions you’ve taken, lab tests and any hospital visits you’ve had recently.

CurrentCare is improving the quality, safety and value of healthcare for Rhode Islanders like you!

How does it work? Your health information goes on a secure network that only your healthcare providers can share. This includes your primary care physician, any specialists you might have and any labs that you visit for blood work or other tests. With CurrentCare for Me, you can see your own healthcare information from CurrentCare at any time using your computer or phone.

Why enroll? Because it’s a secure place where all of your providers can share your health information to give you the best possible care. They can use it to save you time, money – and pain – by avoiding unnecessary procedures or repeat lab tests.

CurrentCare Rhode IslandEnroll Now! It’s quick and easy. Just go to, provide some basic information and follow the steps. You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for CurrentCare for Me there too. See? Easy…

More than half of all Rhode Islanders have enrolled in CurrentCare and more than 400 primary care and specialty practices, community health centers, hospitals, long-term care facilities and visiting nurse agencies participate in CurrentCare.

CurrentCare is operated on behalf of Rhode Island’s healthcare community by the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI), a not-for-profit organization intent on building a safer, higher value health system for all Rhode Islanders.

Rhode Island state law protects the rights of all participants in CurrentCare. The Rhode Island Health Information Exchange Act of 2008 contains a number of important privacy and data security protections for Rhode Island consumers enrolled in CurrentCare. We want you to be as informed as we are, so please read the full text of the Act.