CurrentCare ID

What is the CurrentCare ID number?

Each CurrentCare record is assigned a unique identifier.

This number is used throughout RIQI products, such as CurrentCare Viewer and Care Management Alerts & Dashboard.

RIQI recommends noting this unique number within your Electronic Health Record (EHR), to allow faster and more accurate searches within CurrentCare Viewer. See below for an example.

Where can I find the CurrentCare ID number in CurrentCare Viewer?

You can view the CurrentCare ID number in the “Patient Search Results screen:”

And within the top banner of each patient record:


How can I access a patient record using the CurrentCare ID number in CurrentCare Viewer?

We suggest copying each patient’s unique ID into your electronic health record.

Then to quickly open a specific patient’s record, paste their ID into the “CurrentCare ID” search box within the Viewer “Patient Search” screen:

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