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A doctor's stethoscope in the foreground while a physician takes notes in the background.With the usual burden of practice management, business ownership, and billing, you and your team are already too busy working to provide your patients with the best care and managing your practice. With federal healthcare reform initiatives constantly being added and changed, you have to focus your efforts and make patient care your priority number one. Let us help you; we have trained experts and easy-to-use tools to get your practice up to speed in achieving your practice transformation goals. While some of these tools require a fee, several are available at no cost. See our services below and get in touch when you’re ready to let us help you and take the next step in achieving better health for your patients, proactively managing healthcare reform initiatives, and lowering your operating costs.

By lifting some of the burden of your everyday work, we will empower you to bring joy back to your practice so you can focus on what really counts – your patients’ health.

We offer:

  • Care Management Alerts & Dashboards tools
  • A dedicated team focused on your goals
  • A customized approach with tools and resources
  • Federally subsidized assistance*
  • Expertise in preparing for new payment reform models
  • Connection to the statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE), CurrentCare

To see all the patient information available in CurrentCare, check out the CurrentCare Guidebook.

*RIQI is the recipient of several state and federal grant awards to assist healthcare practices with health information technology and practice transformation efforts. These grants allow us to provide many of our services at no cost to RI providers.

COVID-19 Data in CurrentCare Viewer

Click here to learn about COVID-19 data in the CurrentCare Viewer. Watch a 3-minute video about the data available, details about low acuity COVID facility encounters, CVS Minute Clinic drive-through test results, data sharing partners, and lab test results.

RIQI COVID-19 Lab Data Availability

Even though CurrentCare and Care Management share lab data, their availability in each product may differ depending on patient consent status. Please refer to this table to understand available data.

HIE Partnership

As Health Information Exchanges, we operate in a unique space between state government, payers, providers and patients. We understand your need to provide actionable products that are a value to your markets, and that are profitable to you. By using one of our solutions, or partnering to create a new one, let’s work together to maximize your potential to serve your unique healthcare neighborhood, and ensure your sustainability, too.

Look to RIQI for Care Management Solutions

Care Management Alerts and DashboardsYou’re an HIE working to make your business the most valuable option available for your providers; how do you do that? You implement valuable and actionable HIE Support Solutions, like Care Management Alerts & Dashboards (CMAD). CMAD will empower your provider groups to know when their patients are receiving care, allowing them to perform interventions, triage care and ensure post-acute care, turning your work into a proactive set of efforts, making money instead of chasing it.

Talk with us about CMAD. We’ll be happy to show you how your providers will experience life-changing results for their organizations because of you!

Choosing Wisely

The mission of Choosing Wisely is to promote conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received
  • Free from harm
  • Truly necessary

RIQI strongly promotes and encourages the use of Choosing Wisely materials both in and out of medical practices.

For Providers:

Physician Flyer

For Patients:

Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Patient Resources
Consumer Tri-fold Brochure (English) 
Consumer Tri-fold Brochure (Spanish)