Care Management Tools

You need to know when your patients are in the hospital or ED. We help.

Care Management Tools notify you when ALL of your patients go to hospitals, Emergency Departments (EDs), and skilled nursing facilities in Rhode Island, whether they are enrolled in CurrentCare or not. This allows you to:

  • Proactively contact patients to coordinate care
  • Save time searching for information
  • Reduce readmissions and ED visits

Your organization provides the list of patients (within one or more panels: full, high risk, specific co-morbidities, etc.) and RIQI provides you with real-time notifications when they are admitted and discharged. We also provide reports with COVID-19 test result history and risk factors for your panel.

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View customer testimonials that speak to the value of Care Management Alerts & Dashboards.

Care Management Dashboard

The Care Management Dashboard equips your staff with the tools to quickly and dynamically view real-time encounter information for your patients who are currently admitted or recently discharged, as well as a historic monthly view that is helpful for quality improvement initiatives. You will access:

  • Encounter details such as room number, reason for visit, discharge location
  • COVID-19 test results, risk factors and a flag for a possible COVID-19 encounter
  • Risk scores to help you assess which patients have higher numbers of recent encounters, or higher risk of various outcomes
  • For Medicaid Accountable Entities, a Population Medicine Dashboard that automatically includes your Medicaid AE patients

Care Management Alerts

Through secure Direct messaging, you will be notified in real-time when your patients are admitted, transferred and discharged from acute care hospitals and participating skilled nursing facilities. Alerts are “push notifications” that include:

  • Encounter details such as room number, reason for visit, discharge location
  • Diagnoses and providers, where applicable
  • Continuity of Care attachments for Lifespan Discharges



Care Management Data File

This tool will empower your team with the data to make your decisions in a custom-designed consumable file at a time you want the information. Data files offer you:

  • Current information at an interval you determine
  • The data points you need to be successful with your care management activities
  • Flexible solution that facilitates providing actionable data directly into your care team’s workflows

For more information about Care Management Panel Processing, contact

ADT Interfacing

For organizations that need live messaging when patients are actively engaging in their healthcare, ADT interfaces provide standard messaging based upon a member panel you provide. ADT messages:

  • Provide you with standard HL7v2 messages that inform you in real-time as each individual patient is receiving care from admission to discharge
  • Empower your care team with high level information to help you make quick decisions to drive your patients’ care
  • Automatically import encounter data into existing systems  to support more efficient care management activities


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“For us, the use of Care Management tools is truly lifesaving. That is without question. If we understand that a patient overdosed at the hospital last night and was subsequently discharged, we can then change our treatment as needed, to keep this individual safe.”

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare

“Because we are informed, we can initiate to make sure the care coordination happens.”

Community Care Alliance (CCA)

“We were truly surprised to learn that we were getting maybe 30% of notifications from hospitals prior to implementing our full panel in the Dashboard.”

Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP)

“The impact of this technology and data is truly awesome. It’s like a ‘ray of sunshine’ for us and it helps for us to provide better care!”

Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corp (RIPCPC)

“[The Care Management Dashboard] allows us to support our patients, provide appropriate referrals and coordinate care as needed.”

Addiction Recovery Institute (ARI)