Emergency Department
Smart Notifications (EDSN)

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Emergency Department Smart Notifications (EDSN)

In an effort to help combat the Opioid crisis, RIQI partnered with the State of Rhode Island and a hospital Emergency Department (ED) provider to create the ED Smart Notifications (EDSN) tool.

The notifications summarize relevant data and utilize predictive models to inform ED providers about a patient’s risk of opioid use disorder or opioid overdose, with the goal of supporting informed clinical decision making at the point of care.

The predictive model used to determine opioid risk is based upon a combination of the patient’s hospital encounters, medications, PDMP data, and diagnoses. If the patient is flagged as having an increased opioid risk, the applicable predictive indicators are provided, including a history of encounters, as well as alcohol, opioid, and comorbidity diagnoses.

The ED Smart Notifications tool enables actionable insights about patients to be seamlessly delivered to the ED provider as part of their workflow in the ED, without having to login to a separate tool.  When a patient registers in the Emergency Department, the analytics model is run against the data; and the predictive insight is delivered to the provider in their Emergency Department electronic health record.

For more information and to learn about implementing Emergency Department Smart Notifications in your organization, contact RIQIBusinessServices@riqi.org.​