Viewer Update

Welcome to the CurrentCare Viewer update page!

Stay informed of important announcements related to the Viewer.


New since September 2021

We have completed a large system upgrade that will help us provide you with a better CurrentCare Viewer experience in the coming months and years. New benefits include:

  • Clinical Summary tab – our new landing page provides a quick look at the most recent Diagnoses, Lab Results, Allergies, Diagnostic Imaging Results, Medications and Documents.
  • Sorting – all the clinical tabs, and all the sections of the Clinical Summary tab, are sorted by default to show the most recent at the top. You can click the heading of most columns to sort in other ways (by medication name, by allergen type, etc.).
  • Searching – all the clinical tabs, and all the sections of the Clinical Summary tab, now include a search box in the top bar so you can quickly narrow the results (ex: diabetes,A1C or 10/15/2021). The one exception is that this is not technically possible on the Lab Results tab. Please use the Lab Results section of the Clinical Summary tab to search for labs.
  • Click here to see our new Viewer Tutorials – quick videos ranging from 2 minutes to 7 minutes. Learn how to print, navigate, use the new search feature, etc.


Resolved Issues

The following have been resolved:

Resolved Area Status (last updated 1/14/22) Learn More

Limited Medication details

Medication details are now available in Viewer using the 3 vertical dots next to each medication.  

Summary Report / Patient Summary

Now available via 3 horizontal dots in top right, then “Summary Report.” Viewer Tutorial video: “Using the Summary Report”

Printing the Summary Report

Now available via changing to “Patient Summary (PDF)” and using the printer button. Print the full document or a range of pages (ex: 10-12). Viewer Tutorial video: “Using the Summary Report”

Errors opening Patient Record

The issue has been resolved that required clicking ‘OK’ before opening some patient records. This will reduce the number of clicks.  

Logout screen went to incorrect page

The issue has been resolved that brought you to an incorrect page after logging out of the Viewer. You can now login again from the page that displays.  

Documents were giving errors

The issue has been resolved where some documents were giving errors, including the CurrentCare “Patient Summary” document.  

Forgot Username or Password were not  available

Forgot Username and Forgot Password are now available on the login page.  

Error in page definition; Error #5002 (Object Script Error)

Please update any old Viewer bookmarks to  then restart your browser before opening the new link.

If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cache (you don’t need to clear your cookies).

Google help for clearing cache:


Outstanding Issues

We are actively working on restoring areas that are not available. Check back soon for updates!

Area Status (last updated 1/14/22) Learn More


Now available to print:  Summary Report. To print lab results, medications, allergies, problems, or other content in the Summary, select just those pages.

Not available to print at this time:  imaging results, clinical data from the individual tabs/pages such as one lab result from the Lab Results tab.

Check out our 6-minute Using the Summary Report video.

Check out our 7-minute Printing Alternatives video (to capture data not available in the Summary Report).

Vitals tab

Not available at this time.


Directives tab

Not available at this time.


Survey Results tab

Not available at this time.



If you would like more information about CurrentCare Viewer features that are not listed, please contact or 888.858.4815.